toyota crown royal saloon 3.0 v6 at maharashtra

Chandigarh, Mumbai

What a smooth car; You need to check to believe.....
Leaves all new luxury cars behind in smoothness, luxury, feel, suspension, power, quality and workmanship, material used, . reliability, durability, maintainence costs, features, royalty, comfort...etc....
What else are you looking for? 3 litre monster with automatic transmission, with an original toyota Lexus GS 300 engine, which is so silent that it could only be imagined not felt.
Very reasonable fuel economy of 10+ on the highway.
It is Car Make:
   Toyota Car Model:
   Crown Car Version:
   Royal Saloon 3.0 V6 AT Car Year:
   1996 Kms done:
   60400 Price: